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Industrial Safety Lines’ reputation, experience and quality workmanship speaks for itself. Various government approvals and Insurances are all part of Industrial Safety Lines’ high profile. With Australian Standards and Building Regulations constantly changing and the ongoing compliance required by all, Industrial Safety Lines can help by informing you of the current information you require. Don’t get caught in a legal battle due to your line marking not complying with Australian Standards.

We Provide

    • No Obligation Competitive Quotations
    • Site Inspections and Design Assistance
    • Various Government & Australian Standard Line Marking requirements.
    • Factory Safety Line Marking
    • Non-Slip Flooring Applications
    • Road Line Marking
    • Car Park Line Marking & Maintenance
    • Commercial Line Marking & Maintenance
    • Professional High Pressure Cleaning Service
    • Line Removal
    • Reflective Road Pavement Markers (R.R.P.M’s & RPM’s)
    • Bollard Installations
    • Speed Hump Installations
    • Speed Hump Removals
    • Wheel-stop Installations
    • Wheel-stop Removals
    • Warehouse & Car Park Signage
    • Concrete Crack & Small Hole Repairs

Line Marking

At Industrial Safety Lines we treat every client & job with equal importance. Our aim is to provide a quality Line Marking service delivered in a safe and ethical manor, utilising good work practices along with the latest equipment and materials on the market today. We can also clean your surface before we install any line marking to give you the best material adhesion possible, and therefore creating a longer lasting product.


We offer design, set up & installation of all your line marking needs including:

  • Road Line Marking
  • OH&S / Factory Line Marking
  • Car Park Line Marking
  • Non-Slip Floor Coatings
  • Line Removal (Mechanical Grinding, Paint Overlay & Longlife Overlay)
  • Reflective Road Pavement Markers (RRPM’s & RPM’s)
  • Custom Made Stencils
  • Various Surface Painted Markings

We use a large variety of materials including:

  • Paint (Waterborne & Chlorinated Rubber)
  • Long Life (Cold Applied Plastic, Spray Degadur, Preform Thermo Plastic)
  • Primers
  • Sealers

Non-Slip Flooring

Industrial Safety Lines Non-Slip flooring installation is a greatly sought after service by our clients. Slips and trips are one of the main causes of OH&S / WORKCOVER incidents and accounts to Approx 20% of all compensations claims. These claims result in thousands of injuries every year. The most common ones are musculoskeletal injuries, cuts, bruises, fractures and dislocations but more serious injuries can also occur. Some of the most common risk factors are: Floor Surface & Condition, Floor Contamination, Ability to see Floors/Walkways/Hazards, Cleaning/Spill Containments.

With Industrial Safety Lines Non-Slip floor coating you can eliminate some of these factors and demonstrate that your company is undertaking every effort to reduce the risks involved. (Inspection will be required).

Surface / Floor Cleaning

Industrial Safety Lines High Pressure Surface Cleaning is available for all small and large surfaces, inside and out. The use of chemicals is totally up to the client as the high pressure from our machines can remove most stubborn contaminants. Using only high pressure blasting allows for an environmentally friendly cleaning procedure. Our Water Retrieval / Vacuum system ensures that indoor floors are left approximately 90% dry and can be carted away if drainage is not accessible. (Inspection will be required).

We Clean:

  • Factory / Warehouse floors
  • Car Park Surfaces
  • Walkways / Shop Fronts
  • Petrol Stations / Mechanic Shops
  • Parking Facilities (inc. underground)
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Factory / Warehouse floors
  • Car Park Surfaces
  • Walkways / Shop Fronts
  • Petrol Stations / Mechanic Shops
  • Parking Facilities (inc. underground)
  • Sporting Facilities

We Clean various contaminants which include:

    • Oil & Grease
    • Mould
    • Moss
    • Algae
    • Dirt & Grime.

Concrete Repair

Our Concrete Repairing Service uses a chemical compound to repair cracks and holes in concrete. We found that when we are cleaning, line marking or installing bollards in car parks and factories; our clients were asking if we were able to offer a solution to repairing various concrete surface problems including trip hazards. We looked to our various suppliers and found a product which has had great results. It has been used to repair various Historical Army Forts around the coast of Australia, so we decided to use this product as a solution for concrete repairs.

This service is great for when you require refurbishing or removing old beaten up bollards. We normally find that the concrete has been smashed at the base of the bollard due to collisions by vehicles. With our concrete repair service we can repair the concrete and existing holes where dynabolts may have been smashed out from the concrete. This concrete repairing compound bonds to the concrete giving it the same strength, if not stronger, than that of the original concrete. Industrial Safety Lines has installed this product on various applications with great reviews. This compound is used to repair cracks, holes, chips and trip hazards in concrete. (Inspection will be required).

Bollard Installation & Refurbishment

Industrial Safety Lines is able to offer you a bollard installation and a bollard refurbishment service. We offer new bollard installations with a variety of products available. If you have your own bollards and just need them installed, we are just a phone call away for organising installation only. (Inspection will be required).

We commonly find clients requiring there old bollards just refurbished from cars scrapping them causing paint and reflective tape to be damaged. Refurbishing your old bollards is a cost effective option as long as the bollard is not structurally damaged in any way. (Inspection will be required).

Speed Humps & Wheel Stops

Industrial Safety Lines is able to offer you a Speed Hump and Wheel Stop installation & removal service. We also refurbish speed humps so that they continue to stand out and provide the safety controlling device for which they were designed for. (Inspection will be required).

Signage Installation & Design

While servicing some car parks we are asked if we can install signs. We can obtain a great selection of signage from our suppliers; and if its custom made signs you’re after, we can organise to email you designs on the requirements you are looking for. Industrial Safety Lines handles all the installation requirements for you, whether it’s a concreted pole and sign or a sign attached to a wall. Industrial Safety Lines can address all you signage problems.

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